PlotWatcher Success Stories

Small Parcel Giant!

Day6 customer Lonnie Gray put his PlotWatcher Pro to good use on his small piece of property and harvested a monster with a bow!

I had trail camera photos of 2 "shooter" bucks in July of this year on our 80 acre parcel. After that, I was unable to acquire more pictures of either of these deer. Since we have 4 foot plots and I was hoping to find out if these bucks were still around, I ordered a Plot Watcher Pro in mid-October. Shortly after I set this camera up, I captured video of the largest of the 2 bucks in one of our small food plots. As you can tell from the Plot Watcher picture I attached, the buck was in this food plot on October 22nd at 4:31 PM. I was excited to see that he was not only still around, but on his feet during daylight hours. This picture is the first in the video, telling me that this was where he entered the food plot. I knew that he had used a trail that went directly past one of my stands to enter the plot. The stand is about 50 yards off this food plot where two trails intersect. Five days later, I was sitting in this stand around 5:45 PM when I heard a de er coming. I could tell it was a shooter as soon as I saw the rack. I released the arrow when he stopped about 20 yards from me. I watched him go down not 30 yards from where I shot him. The buck green scores 159 and is my best to date. Trail cameras are great for getting close up pictures day and night. However, a nearby trail camera never captured a picture of him in this food plot since he hadn't walked directly in front of it. Without the Plot Watcher Pro, I might still be wondering if he was even around Thanks for the help Day 6!


- Lonnie

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